The Many Uses of Sifted Sand in Rochester, MN

 The sand in your neighbor kid’s sandbox? Sifted Sand.   The sand in your neighbor’s Zen garden? Sifted Sand.   The sand that creates a beach for your neighbor’s...

Mason Sand vs. Concrete Sand: What’s Best for My Project?

Even though there’s plenty of winter weather across the United States, it’s never too early to be thinking about your next construction project.   A common question we receive is wh...

We Have the Specialized Building Materials for All Your Commercial and Home Improvement Projects

When it comes to specialized building materials in Rochester, MN, we’re your one-stop-shop.   Our building materials are of the finest quality, the fairest prices, and delivered with swif...

The Many Uses of Good Black Dirt in Rochester, MN

We offer two types of black dirt in Rochester, MN, and they have many uses!    Pulverized and screened black dirt Regular black dirt   Perhaps you are building a new retai...

The Many Uses of Washed Sand

What is washed sand? How is it used? If you’re just getting into construction or doing home improvements in Rochester, MN, you may be unfamiliar with the many types and uses of washed sand. &nb...

The Different Sizes of Rip Rap and Their Uses

Rip rap is a rock or other material that’s used to bolster shorelines in the Rochester, MN, area against erosion due to water and ice.   Rip rap comes in a variety of different sizes, and...

A Few Important Considerations When Using Rip Rap

Those who live and work near bodies of water are probably familiar with rip rap. It’s a range of rocky materials placed near a shoreline in order to protect the area against erosion or degradati...

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