A Few Important Considerations When Using Rip Rap

Those who live and work near bodies of water are probably familiar with rip rap. It’s a range of rocky materials placed near a shoreline in order to protect the area against erosion or degradation.


Common places for rip rap are areas close to bridges or along the banks of a lake or river.


The use of rip rap in Rochester, MN, offers a number of benefits. It’s effective at absorbing waves and other forceful movements of water that can quickly erode shorelines.


Since rip rap absorbs the water’s energy instead of redirecting the waves away, installation of rip rap is going to protect a wide range of areas once it’s placed in a particular spot. Also, depending on the size and type of rocks, rip rap gives animals abundant places to hide and live.


Olmsted Aggregate offers a variety of 8” to 36” rocks that can be used for rip rap. We’re happy to work with you on finding the right solution, and here’s a few considerations to keep in mind as you visualize your rip rap project:


  • Interlock Your Rocks: We offer a range of rock sizes because an interlocking system of rip rap is going to be more effective than rocks of the same size. Our rocks are strong enough to weather heating and freezing cycles and are angled with sharp edges to make rip rap construction easy.
  • Build the Supporting Materials: Before installing rocks, you should install a membrane to keep soil from making its way through the rip rap. Additionally, it’s smart to think about utilizing a fence or wire mesh to keep rip rap in place, especially if the rocks are placed in a steep area or one with a lot of water flow.
  • Carefully Consider Slope: In general, a 2:1 slope ratio is the steepest you should consider. Anything greater might lead the rip rap to fall and increase erosion.

Olmsted Aggregate is dedicated to providing high-quality materials like rocks, stone, and dirt for commercial and residential use. Our team members are ready to work with you on your rip rap project in the Rochester, MN, area so you can get the best value for your money and install rip rap that will be effective and sturdy.


To learn more, feel free to give us a call today at (507) 775-6657, or email us at info@olmstedaggregate.com. We look forward to serving you!