Mason Sand vs. Concrete Sand: What’s Best for My Project?

Even though there’s plenty of winter weather across the United States, it’s never too early to be thinking about your next construction project.


A common question we receive is what is the difference between concrete sand and mason sand and what works best for a particular project in the Rochester, MN, area?


Here’s a brief primer on each type of sand and what both can be used for.


Concrete sand is material that’s comprised of granite, trap rock, or limestone. It’s been crushed and filtered and is often a key ingredient in concrete. Most people utilize concrete sand when building a walkway or pool that’s above ground, and for larger construction projects that require a strong base layer. Occasionally, concrete sand gets mixed with other material to serve as a top dressing for some lawns and golf courses.


Mason sand is a bit different. While it’s manufactured in largely the same manner as concrete sand, the actual material is much finer since the crushed rock is sifted and washed through screens to make sure the grains are uniform in size.


As a result, mason sand is a great alternative option for those who need beach sand for a sandbox or volleyball court. It’s often less expensive than typical beach sand, looks good, and won’t cut or hurt bare feet. Mason sand is also a great material to use during landscaping projects to give stones or concrete a finished and clean appearance.


Many homeowners opt to use mason sand when building pools since it makes the entire area look more attractive and refined. The versatility of mason sand also makes it a popular choice among builders, especially if they’re working with clients who place a large emphasis on aesthetics.


If you’re still trying to figure out the differences between concrete and mason sand and which would work best for your construction project in the Rochester, MN, area, don’t feel like you have to figure everything out yourself.


The team at Olmsted Aggregate is happy to explain the different uses for each sand and can provide recommendations on how much you would actually need. All our mason sand is finely-ground material that can be used for a wide range of projects.


To speak with one of our construction professionals, feel free to give us a call today at (507) 775-6657, or check out our website.

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