The Many Uses of Good Black Dirt in Rochester, MN

We offer two types of black dirt in Rochester, MN, and they have many uses! 


  • Pulverized and screened black dirt
  • Regular black dirt


Perhaps you are building a new retaining wall or need to fill in some spring run-off. Or maybe you were out walking in the backyard when you stepped in one of the numerous holes the family dog has dug while chasing moles and twisted your ankle because Dog + Moles = Holes. Our regular black dirt is abundant and perfect for these types of jobs.


Or maybe this is the summer you are planning to redo your home’s landscaping or you are planting new gardens or replanting existing ones. Our pulverized and screened black dirt is ideal for these projects.


Black Dirt should be exactly that: black. When used in landscaping, quality black dirt provides the contrast needed to enhance the other colors of your home’s exterior, creating a vibrant curb appeal.


Our pulverized and sifted black dirt is ideal for planting and gardening as well. The texture and composition are easy to work with, and you can be sure that the black dirt you receive is local, good ole’ dirt from right here in the Rochester, MN, area.  Southeastern Minnesota is known for having some of the best agriculture around and that requires two things: A farmer who knows what he or she is doing and good black dirt. We may not be able to help you with your gardening prowess, but we sure can get you started off on the right foot with a superior product that is local to our area. 


And here is the best part about our black dirt: we deliver!


Whether commercial or residential, there is no job too large or too small. Olmsted Aggregate has one quarry and two sand pits in the Rochester, MN, area, enabling us to get you the specific product you need in a timely manner.


No matter your need—sifted black dirt for landscaping and gardening or regular black dirt to fill all those mole holes—we have you covered.


Please call our Rochester, MN, offices today for more specific product information and delivery services at (507) 775-6657.

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