The Many Uses of Sifted Sand in Rochester, MN

 The sand in your neighbor kid’s sandbox? Sifted Sand.


The sand in your neighbor’s Zen garden? Sifted Sand.


The sand that creates a beach for your neighbor’s man-made bass pond? Sifted sand.


That stylish up-to-date concrete countertop in your neighbor’s kitchen? Mixed with sifted sand.


And the sand that passes through your grandmother’s hourglass? Sifted Sand.



What specifically is sifted sand?


While sifting sand is not a complicated process, it is a time-consuming, carefully controlled one when creating the highest quality sifted sand. And high-quality sifted sand is what we offer at Olmsted Aggregate.


In the simplest terms, regular sand becomes sifted sand after it has been repeatedly washed and run through a sieve until all organic and inorganic materials as well as sand grains larger than 2cm are eliminated. What is left is that fine grain sand that feels pretty good between your fingers and toes.


Local building contractors, landscape companies, and golf courses depend and rely on the quality of our sifted sand, and you as a homeowner can do so as well.


When you place an order with Olmsted Aggregate, you won’t receive your shipment from across the country or even across the state. Instead, your sand purchase is resourced right here in Olmsted Country from one of our three aggregate pits. It is sifted to fine grains by one of our experienced professionals, and then delivered to your front door.  


We are proud of all the products we offer, and you can be confident in the quality of your purchase. 


We encourage you to call us today at (507) 775-6657 so you can get started on your kids’ (or the neighbor’s kids) big backyard sandbox today!

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