The Many Uses of Washed Sand

What is washed sand? How is it used? If you’re just getting into construction or doing home improvements in Rochester, MN, you may be unfamiliar with the many types and uses of washed sand.


Washed sand, at its basic level, is sand that’s surface mined, washed, and strained of any silt or clay that may be in the sand. This process helps give it a very fine texture that aids with its structural integrity and ability to be mixed. Once washed, it will also have a nice off-white color. The three main types of washed sand are concrete, masonry, and white sand.


One of the uses for washed sand is in concrete. Concrete sand is mined, washed, and filtered for any contaminates. After it has gone through those processes, it will be mixed with water and cement to create concrete. This type of concrete is often used as the base layer for buildings to create a flush and firm foundation.


A second use for washed sand is as a component of asphalt. Asphalt is made from the sand in a similar manner to its concrete counterpart. For asphalt, washed sand is heated to remove oxygen, mixed with crushed stone, and covered in asphalt to ensure a strong and durable asphalt surface.


A third way washed sand can be used is for masonry. It’s also made in a very similar manner to concrete. One way that it differs is that it’s run through an even finer screen to ensure the grains are closer to the same size for better structural integrity. The washed sand is then mixed with cement and used as a mortar for stones and brick.


If you’re looking for the sand that looks the best, then look no further than white washed sand. It’s made using limestone for its color and texture. This type of sand is often used for lake beaches, golf sand traps, and sand volleyball courts. It’s used in applications where its feel or look is important because it has a great appearance and soft texture. White sand is oftentimes more expensive because of its composition, look, and great texture.


Whether you require washed sand for your foundation or to add to the look of your newly made inland beach, Olmsted Aggregate has the washed sand you need in the Rochester, MN, area.

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