We Have the Specialized Building Materials for All Your Commercial and Home Improvement Projects

When it comes to specialized building materials in Rochester, MN, we’re your one-stop-shop.


Our building materials are of the finest quality, the fairest prices, and delivered with swift service. This is what separates Olmsted Aggregate from the big box stores who may offer a small sampling that may be similar, but they lack both the quantity and the expertise.


Aggregate materials are all we do. That is why we’re the best.


What Building Materials Are We Talking About?




  • Pit Run Sand is a coarse sand which has many excellent uses in construction and landscaping projects.
  • Washed Sand is screened and washed to remove dirt, clay, silt, and has many uses. It can be mixed with water and cement to produce masonry grout and mortar, used in your children’s sand boxes, and if you’re a golfer wanting to build a backyard bunker to practice from, this is the sand for the job.
  • Mason Sand is like washed sand and is considered the most versatile of sands. It’s an exceptional product to use as a joint sand between pavers and other narrow spaces.
  • Pit Run Screened Sand is great for building a base for walking paths and sidewalks.




When it comes to stone, the rule of thumb is the smaller the stone, the smoother the finish.


We offer four stone products:


  • 2” Minus-Cone Run Stone
  • 3” Minus-Breaker Run Stone
  • ¾” Screened Limestone
  • 1¼” Screened Limestone


Our limestone products are extremely versatile. The durability and practicality of limestone has truly made it one of the premier go-to building materials. Used for under slab fill and pipe bedding, it also helps nourish your plants and gardens. A superior product for all your home improvement and construction needs.




  • Our 1” Washed Rochester Rock and 1½” Winona Rock make any landscaping project stand out.
  • Our ¾” road rock is perfect for driveways and parking lots.
  • Our Shot Rock and 8 - 12” Rip Rap is impressive and the right choice to buffer stream beds, bridges, shorelines, and problem soft areas.
  • We also offer recycled ¾” blacktop which is an excellent additional binder when mixing cement. You can also reuse it to make new asphalt. That is a money saver.




We also offer the best locally resourced black dirt in the area, both regular and screened.


These are the building materials that can help bring all your creative landscaping and home designs come to life.


Call us today in Rochester, MN at (507) 775-6657. With two sand pits and one quarry in Olmsted County, we’re ready to meet every home and commercial construction need.