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Class 5 Road Rock

Updated: May 20, 2021

Class 5 consists of crushed limestone. It is primarily used for parking lots, driveways, gravel roads, asphalt and building foundations. It may also be used for landscaping, walking trails, ground cover, or as a base for roads. Class 5 is a nice material to use when stability and compaction properties are important. It is used both professionally and by homeowners for small DIY projects. It is easy to maintain and spread, and is one of the most affordable options. While gravel driveways are the least expensive initially, they require the most maintenance long-term. You will need to add more gravel every two to four years, especially if you live in a snowy area or have a sloped driveway. When properly cared for, a gravel driveway can last decades.

When buying Class 5 in bulk, ask about delivery and spreading costs. The material may be dumped in one pile or spread along a planned driveway. Spreading the material out of the dump truck may not always be an option because of possible overhanging trees and powerlines, but may also be spread with a skid loader for an upcharge. Gravel driveways generally look the best and last the longest when they’re about four to six inches deep. If you need an estimate, please obtain measurements of the area you’re looking to cover and give us a call. We would be happy to help figure out how many tons of product are required to complete your project.

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